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• Run Dual Nozzle Printer as a Single Nozzle Printer

1. Idle nozzle crushing with model

This is due to the idle nozzle position lower than the working nozzle. Please refer to ‘Left/Right Nozzle Height Adjustment’. You can also remove the idle nozzle if necessary.

2. Remove extra motor to reduce extuder head weight

If you are sure you will not use the other nozzle and you want to reduce the total weight of the extruder head, first remove the extruder cover and unscrew the 4 screws to remove the extruder motor.

• Left/Right Nozzle Height Adjustment

Loose the big screw in the front first. Then loose the fan screws and remove the fan. There is a second screw on the side. Loose that screw also and then you can move the whole hot end. Move the whole hot end up and down to adjust the nozzle height.

• 3rd Party G-code File

N-series printer uses g-code so it is compatible with most 3rd party G-code file.

• BuildTak Bubbles

Poke the bubble with a needle to let the air out and then flat the bubble.

• Build Volume

All N-series printers have the true build volume as claimed. N1: 205mm*205mm*205mm; N2: 305mm*305mm*305mm; N2+: 305mm*305mm*610mm.

• Spool Holder Size and Layout

70mm between the flanges and 32mm in diameters. However, you have to consider the size of the hook and the logo, which is 45mm for the widest part.
Layout is as the picture below.

• Nozzle

Current we only offer brass nozzle at 0.4mm size. We will release bigger size nozzles and also nozzles made with harder materials for powder filled filaments.

• Shipping Cost and Warehouse Pick-up

You can choose air shipping and we have a price on the website.
If you are in EU or US, you can also choose sea shipping first and then use domestic ground shipping. This will take you a few extra weeks to receive the printer comparing to air.
If you are in US, we have a warehouse in Carson, CA and you can arrange a pick up from there. Please contact us at support@raise3d.com for the arrangement. Please notice that you will need a pick-up truck or large van to transport the printer safely and you will need to keep the whole package upward to prevent damaging.

Packaging sizes are as below (L*W*H, cm):

N1: 60*49*83, 32 Kg
N2: 72*72*95, 53 Kg
N2P: 72*72*124, 65 Kg

• LED Light and Cooling Fan

Both are designed to be on all the time. There is no feature to turn them off at this moment.

• Battery and Resume Function

Since the printer usually will take weeks on the road, the battery will become empty. You need to charge the battery to full before turning off or being able to use the resume function. The latest touchscreen firmware has a feature of showing battery volume on the touchscreen. Please keep the printer on till it reaches 100%.

• ideaMaker Sliced File

1.When slicing with ideaMaker, it will generate 2 files. The g-code file is used to perform printing and the data file is used to present printing process on touchscreen. It is important to have both files for printing.
2.Please be aware of that ideaMaker is using the unit of cm instead of inches. If your stl file is drawn based on inches, you need to manually re-size the model in ideaMaker.
3.The print time estimation may differ from actual time consumed. It will update itself along the printing process.

• Nuts and screws

For N1, all nuts and screws should be tight, except 2 screws for Z axis. For N2 and N2+, only the 8 screws for Z axis (4 on each side) should be loose.

• Bed Leveling

You can adjust N1 leveling by turning the screws under the heat bed. Press the ‘leveling’ icon on the touchscreen and follow the instructions.
N2 and N2+ are pre-leveled in the factory. You don’t need to level them. If the gap between the nozzle and the print plate is too big or small, you can adjust the Z home position to change it. The thumb screw is in the from left corner of the printer and turn one round is 0.5mm in height.

• Camera App

Instruction here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/deepcam/Get+Started+with+Deepcam+Cube+Security+Camera.pdf
If you have any technical questions, please contact rmoreno@mysnapcam.com.
If you have any other questions, please contact support@raise3d.com.

• Unusual Noise When printing

Apply additional lubrication and check all the screws.

• Heat bed max temperature

Heat bed max temperature set point is 110C. If it reaches 120C, it will initiate an auto shut down of the heat bed.

• Leaky Bearings

See picture here. It is normal and you can simply wipe it out.